What You Need To Know About The Healing Properties Of Black Onyx

Black onyx is a gemstone that is known for the large number of special features it carries. Onyx stones have been in use since ancient times and it is said to absorb negative energy. Cleopatra is believed to wear black onyx because of the special protective features it offers and she used this stone to sense negative energy.

Jewelry made from black onyx still carries a lot of significance because of the healing properties this stone is believed to have. You can find a wide range of ornaments made using black onyx including necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklets, etc.

Black Onyx Healing Properties

The following are some of the black onyx healing properties:

  • Promotes divine order
  • Enhances clear focus
  • Encourages clear thinking and sensibility
  • Amplifies your intentions
  • Assists with grounding
  • Shields from negative energies
  • Gives protection

Black onyx is also believed to help people to face their shadow side bravely and learn significant lessons that can aid to release traumas and old patterns.

Onyx is also associated with strength and it might help to promote stamina, steadfastness, and vigor. This stone may impart self-confidence thereby helping you to adjust to your surroundings. This stone is also said to enhance self-control, banish grief, and help with promoting the power of decision-making. It might also encourage good fortune and happiness.

Onyx is believed to provide some benefits for your physical health too. This stone might help with treating disorders associated with blood, bones, and bone marrow. It may also benefit your teeth and feet.

So you can get a wide array of benefits by wearing jewelry made of black onyx.

The Myth About Onyx

A popular Greek mythical legend says that Amor/Cupid, the god of love, cut the fingernails of his mother Venus using one of his arrows. Her nails fell into the sacred Indus River from Mount Olympus and they metamorphosed into onyx stones as they were believed to be divine. Onyx means the nail of a finger or claw in ancient Greek.

This stone is famous in different cultures across the world. In ancient Persian and Indian tales, onyx stone is described as a protector from evil. Gemologists in India also believed that this stone can act as a protector for harmonious relationships.

So onyx stones create a wonderful addition to your jewelry. Black onyx can make your jewelry stunning with its intense black color that can help you to stand apart from others. The unique beauty of this stone and the black onyx healing properties attracts a lot of people to this stone.

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